Monique's Journey
January 9, 2005

By Nell Shimek

The last few minutes of my daughter Monique's life was the most spiritual moment of my life, with the exception of my rebirth knowing that Jesus' blood had saved me from my sin and given me eternal life. 

Monique was suffering so much that morphine was losing ground in the quest to ease her pain. There were four of us in the room with Monique; Dan Conn, who teaches EMS training and one of my kids that I helped raise; Pam Shimek, my daughter-in-law; Holly Kirkland, the sister whom I never had, and I.

The monitors that Dan had put Monique on stopped working. He had for two days explained to me what would happen, and why the monitors would stop working. In my panicked state of mind, I wanted those monitors to keep working, so he told Monique he was putting a red glowing earring on her ear, which was another form of monitoring. He had to remove that as soon as he got it on her as she was on her way to see Jesus.

Pam started holding Monique's face in her hands, telling (I felt as though she was screaming) Monique to "Run to Jesus, run to Jesus!"  It was as if someone was talking through Pam, not Pam's voice.  At one point when Monique was struggling so hard, angels of the Lord said, "Don't look back, Monique, keep running to Jesus;  go as fast as you can go.  When you see Jesus, let us know by smiling."  Monique was in a fetal position at that point. Her body flung (or that is how I felt, some felt she had released her body) out straight. Monique then had the biggest smile on her face before slipping into eternity. We knew that she had seen Jesus!  We were all breathless, as if we had been running and crying.  Then that huge feeling of peace came over us.  A calm that could come only from the Lord.

Monique won the race, she received the glorious crown of brightness that is promised in 1 Peter 5:4:   And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.  KJV

We will always be saddened by our loss.  Monique was so full of life, so giving, so caring, that I can not express with words the emptiness in my heart. But my gift is knowing that she saw Jesus and is with her Lord, along with the promise that I will see her again one day.

This is my tribute to my beloved daughter,

Nell Shimek
January 23, 2005

Monique's Final Hour
January 9, 2005

By Pam Shimek

Monique's final hour was spent in what we think was tremendous pain. The morphine was no longer helping her rest peacefully. She began moaning with every breath she took. As family and friends came by to say their good-byes and express their love, she was hanging on for something.

At this time we had not had any response from her in days. She was lying on her side, almost in the fetal position. As I sat at her bedside, I began rubbing her neck and running my fingers through her hair. She took a very labored gasp of breath which scared me. I screamed her name. I then sang Jesus Loves Me to her. She began having eye movement, something we had not seen in days.

I began really focusing on her face. I put my hands on her face and began telling her it was time to go home. I told her to close her eyes, close her eyes tight. She needed to look for Jesus as He was waiting for her. I told her when she saw Jesus she needed to give me a smile. After telling Monique this several times she gave me a huge Monique smile!  I told Nell, Holly, and Dan she was seeing Jesus. Nell and Holly came over to my side of the bed.

As Monique was gasping for breath, she continued to smile. I then told her to go to Jesus; they were waiting for her. After telling her several times, I then told her to hurry, Jesus was waiting. I told her, "Run, run fast, Monique.  Jesus is waiting." At this time she stretched out her legs. I knew then she was running to Jesus. I said, "Monique, don't look back, because we will be alright."  She then took her final breath. I looked at Dan, and he said she was gone.

At this time, we had such a peace over us that only God could have given our family. I thank God daily for using my voice to walk Monique home to Him.


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